Monday, July 27, 2009

First day of school seemed to be in a daze. Everything was rushing by just like that ignoring me in the process. It was something that I could live without and not miss. However after pain stakingly trying to survive in the first year i thought it would be a waste if I decided to give up on it.

My father's advice : Just hold on and don't kill yourself.

Math class was 'fun' - Math quiz, with such a clueless mind who could answer all that. I didn't even finish my tutorials for God's sake.

Up to date and time, there are a lot of things to do or think about. BMS IA due in 2 weeks and i still have nothing. Business is not my main muse it seems. Along with my Chemistry EE. Nagging at the back of my head and yet could not even sit on it. Understanding math concept... I still wonder whether I am still allowed to see the teacher, she said go with your tutor. But my tutor is busy as a bee!~ Haih... i can complain over and over and over again. Sleep over it and wake up with another headache. Might as well face it right?

However I have my health to be considering about. I'll be dissapearing once in a while to the hospital. Ah... the beauty of being sick to miss my classes but the pain is trying to catch up. Catching up in this catastrophy world is not an easy thing I might say.

By the way, I truly have a pain in the ass hell of a classmate. My other classamate gave me a good advice though. Ignore him, that is what he wants. Hell, we got Business Presentation for God sake. Yes, I am being paranoid. Being lost and not knowing anything does not really paint a pretty picture you know.

Taking it step by step... one by one.

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