Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wanting desperately to finish my assginments, catch up and move on. EE is still haunting me. Have I not have enough confidence in doing so? I want to do my EE well... a bit too excited i might say but i have no focus. All i know is that i all revolves around dyes.

English Oral is today, just finished extracting relevant information. I wonder how am i going to blabber for 5 minutes and then take on some question. I hate being the target. I encountered an amusing question today, if there were a prom and religion does not play a factor, who would i go with in my batch. No name is to be mentioned though. I want someone funny to accompany me. Since dancing is so out of the way, laughing and eating would be good. Lolz

My classmate is heading to Japan!~ So excited for her. I really hope she has great time and take some photos of any hot Japan guy. Lolz!~

You know there is something about teachers that have led me to have my own personal opinion. Its not really a judgement because you don't hear from the other side of the party, the teacher i mean. I know they mean good but sometimes you just can't help being a bit jealous. Me for instance... jealousy has been a part of me for quite sometime but now i choose to let go and take things as they are. Insyallah i am able to keep up with this. It left me with a feeling of me being appeased with myself. I am much a happier person now... i can even think clearly and understand things better. Let the water run its course they say.

It does not matter how slow i go... its the matter of me getting there. Let me be the underdog for once and enjoy it.

Can't help but feeling like i want to dig myself into a bowl of carbonara speghetti right now. Yum2!~

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