Friday, August 14, 2009

After a shocking fever of 39.8 degree celsius, i indulged myself to a sleeping spree. It came along with this neauseating headache. I could even barely stand up straight. I took me quite a while to understand what people were saying when they asked me question. Most importantly... I didn't go to class. Which is a sad thing. Oh well... i figures that if i dealt with the fever the faster the better. So... i end up sleeping 99% of the time and hey... i don't regret that.

Need to perform istikharah solat. Need to. I have no idea where or which country I should apply. Should i really be doubting my own capability. Australia's requirement is really high. Which is a sad thing but I know I can be good doctor. Its not just about the grade but also the passion and commitment.

Anyways... really concentrating on my BMS IA. Guess I should get it over and done with. I have other things to do but I am not doing it as a one-shot thing. I have to do it carefully so that i'll save time for later rather than having to ponder on it for the second time.

The amount of drugs im taking sometimes make me look like a drug addict. Lolz... i even laugh at myself for this. How fragile I can be huh??

Amount of ice im taking
1. Prednisolone - 13 tablet (one-shot)
2. Paracetamol - 2 tablet
3. Bacampicillin - 1 tablet
4. Nilco Syrup - 10 ml

Life is surprisingly "good"

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