Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alhamdulilah... tepat pada 12.3o tanggal 17 Ogos.. i have finally completed my BMS IA it took me like 2 weeks to digest the information and 2 whole day to write it out.. Despite leaving everything else behind. :P

Am I satisfied with my work? I didnt play a fool with it for sure but i can't guarantee that it is correct. It can end up wrong too. Whatever it is... i did my best. Now just to go and print and let Allah do the rest. Finally I can take a breather. Ahh... so much work. How do people cope with this. Urgh...

The only reason im doing this is because i think long term. This paper is 27% of the actual paper. it carry a lot of weight that i am not really keen on losing. This just could be the thing that can save me.

The pain-staking process I had to go through, understanding concepts writing notes... comparing information, contemplating which fits in or not.... ah.. decision2. Some might consider me a fool but... I don't know, I just had to do it.

Now... bigger task awaits.. me.. i mean loads. Hope I can wake up early tomorrow and do some catcthing up.

Oh yeah.. in the bigger picture. I need to analyse the Math IA thingy and make notes too and see Pn Aida. Oh Allah... make this easy and guide me.

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