Saturday, August 15, 2009

Funny.. how I actually wake up at 4.30am. Had a quick shower... browing thorough my ag book to look on how to perform istikharah solat. Then tahajjud as well as reciting the Quran. Boredom took over me and i swept the room plus clipping my nails off while the whole block E was dozing in on this lazy Sunday morning. By 5.30 my stomach was grumbling and i rolled around on the bed refusing to do work and instead had a short nap. Subuh came I performed my solat and well... my stomach was on riot. This is what you call stomach over body, mind and soul. Its ugly.

Strutting down the stair with my bad of drugs I made my way to the DS. Heck... there was no one safe for a male junior and the service ladies. Lol... life is good. Semangat sangat nak makan. Man... I was really hungry. Owh.. came back and browsed the facebook and now blogging. Is anybody reading between the line?

I am avoiding my BMS IA.

Haih... keep telling myself to get it over and done with. I believe that self-motivation is the best motivation. Go Diana!~~

FYI... currently I am laughing at myself cuz im doing other things to avoid my BMS IA. Procrastination much y'all.

Okay2.. Do BMS IA.... *mantra in the head* - since the deadline was like last Friday. Man, I just digged my own graveyard. Lolz...

Those who persevere shall prevail and triumph!~~ Muahahahah

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