Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am not actually exhausted. Its just that the amount of workload kinda of gets to me sometimes. I just spent 2 hours straight cleaning the room alone without help and considering i am going back early, I had to pass up my homework earlier than others. Bio lab especially. I mean... this got to be the hundrendth time we all have to modify our graph. Talk about tidieousnes.. sheesh!~ Oh well all for a 7 in Biology. I don't mind the extra pain.

I need to buck up on Chemistry. I know i can do it. I just need to understand the concept and not forget things. Its not that i don't understand i just can't remember well. I am aiming for Newcastle. At least Cardiff. At least. The prospects look bright. I want this.

Math test is tomorrow... but with the amount of workload im going with.... sempat ke nak study? I'll just go through and pray for the best. I can do this... i know i can. I understand the concept. I must be brave and confident that i can do it. I know i can.

Anyways... the rate im eating is well... scaring me. Lol... Oh by the way, I can't believe someone made me feel like i am unimportant. For a person to make me feel like that its as if.. well.. how dare that person. Eugh!~~ I hate that person. Good riddence!~ I must focus on people which matter more to me than actually spending time pondering and getting headache over someone like that. I need more credit you know. Fish that person.

English is great. I know i won't be able to keep to the deadline but i'll get it down on Friday. Promise~


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