Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I feel like there is a huge boulder on this shoulder of mine. I feel like I am somewhat left behind. Too caught up with the hecticness of IB I forget how to breathe again. Managed to digest my Math IA with Huat the genius just now. I think it helped a lot. At least Im not avoiding it right?
Math standardized test is coming soon. I am not too sure what I am suppose to be doing... cuz Im quite lost. Have a session with Wawa tonight. I hope that will help.

I am genuinely worried.

Choice 1 : UK - Newcastle / Cardiff
Choice 2 : Aussie - Newcastle / Western Australia

Workload List
3. BM presentation
4. Math Tutorial - I have no idea when I am getting to this
5. Chem tutorial
6. Eng 19 page story
7, BMS - read
8. Bio - read

Life is good..... I want to rest. Seriously... i need sleep....

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