Sunday, August 23, 2009

I guess its time for me to just grow up and not be childish huh? Been avoiding my workload. I really should get to it. Took me long enough to 'pujuk' myself to do work. I know its hard but its my responsibility... procrastination is bad.

Take one step at a time and just do it. Its not that hard... just need a lil bit of focus and luck and im there.

Been dozing and laying around there few 3 days. Wasted so much time!~ Seriously? The question now is... did i deserve it? Thats a bit harsh... dun ya tink?

Oh well... woke up at today. So might as well get my ass on the work.

Anyways... i was pondering about life yesterday. It seems that i look into the future so much i forgot what i have in my hand. Maybe I should just forget about the future and make my current moment more meaningful.

Come what may...

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