Saturday, August 8, 2009

I refuse to get my ass of the seat and clean my room to go back to Banting. I am just plain stubborn and i am sulking and i refuse to do anything.

*despite me saying this.... i still have to... haih...*

With a heavy heart... i have to face the consequences of slacking of, being extremely lazy and a huge procrastinator. I think its the first time in my life that I am actually like this. Well... there is a first time for everything.

I seriously contemplating whether i should just ditch my chemistry lab report and move on. There are other plenty of lab reports to be done. Should i ditch the old one's and focus on the new ones. I think its a bit too late to catch up with the old one considering I lost the momentum. Its a bit difficult to keep on track now.

So.. things I have to face when i get to KMB.
1. Ironing all my clohes (priority!~)
2. Scavenge peoples' chemistry lab report
3. Go through BMS IA
4. Start hunting for Chemistry EE (plan to do this, one hour each day until i find something)
I am damn going to be committed to it... i don't give a shit. I want to do this. Arghh!~~
5. Go through Math exercise - ask people Diana!
6. Go through Stats Mean Sampling - seriously, i have to get my ass on this...
7. Do Biology notes - read it damn it!~~
8. Read Chemistry notes - Do notes too...

Will I have time to do all this?? I know i will be hearing some unpleasant voices resonating of the wall.... my room is just not condusive for studying laa... i know, i have been in denial but heck the room is bloody freakin small. Not too mention a genius for a roomate. The stress gets to ya.

I can face this one by one... i know i can... one by one. It does not matter how slow. Its as long as you get there. Be the average one. Enjoy life Diana. Seriously.

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