Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I think that actually... in the quiet, my head is in a clutter. I mean... I totally forgot to carry my bakul dobi to the laundret. I mean... how the fish did I forget to send my own bakul!~??? Talk about frustration man... cuz I have another load specially for this Saturday laundry service.

The most funniest thing is... I used my shower cream on my hair. That definitely says something.

Anyways... I so totally like appreciate my penpal!~ He's like the nicest dude I've met. So supportive about my interview tomorrow. Although I am definitely lacking in preparation.... *ehem.. ehemm...* I will do my research tonight. I don't care!~~

BMS IA... is a wonderland. Dateline : this Friday. Percentage done : 20%. Can I finish in time? That is defintely another *cepu emas* question.

My chemistry wants my DCP tomorrow. Heck... there is a lot of DCP. I think i can finish it in time. I know I will!~~~ Muahaha

So new plans for my future placement. Went to the counseling room to get some advice. I am currently vying for a place in Australia... but my teacher said to put Australia as a backup plan. Instead she asked me to ask for a twinning programme with PMC. Its either with RCSI or UCD.

Both uni have pros and cons... but i think i'll weigh it later.... With all my heart I believe that knowledge is the same around the world. Where I end up does not matter but its the end product that I'll be will be the most important. I want to be make it big in the end.

Its not where you start... its where you end is the the most important thing.

*Edit : Best part is... im autoimmune. I got sore throat. Not good and the best part is... i can't be stressed for the fact of fearing relapse. I should wear a mask... but im not. right...

*crying for help.... banyak sangat kerja!~ waaaa!~~~*

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