Friday, August 28, 2009

It was just a matter of time before actually well... knowing that my life is pretty messed up. Its messed up real bad. I can say that I have lost some sense of direction in life.

Hidup terumbang-ambing.

Where am I heading to? Do I really want to go back there? People are so hyped up with their EE and such. I have none. Am I not worried? Hell, damn yeah im damn worried. Be damnned 'worried-ness'!!~

Things are just too much. Too much for me to handle. I could not even breathe. I feel like suffocating again. IELTS is around the corner. I have done any practise. Kill me seriously.

I need to redo my World Litreture. This time... with some authority and class. Something that is actually above intelligence level. My first draft was actually crap. On the other hand... I don't know what happened to Math IA. I got stuck. Will do the real folio tonight. I hope.

Got myself new pair of glasses. Hope that would give me some surviving skill/ego/mood boost. Really need it actually. My eyes is bad.

I know coffee is bad... but hey... couldn't help there was only the green packet and mom threw away the non-instant one. I need my coffee. Been off for a week. Im not an avid coffee drinker... drinking just to survive actually. Not really a coffee addict.

I need professional help.


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