Sunday, August 9, 2009

Omg... BMS IA. Damn it.

On a finer note... Alhamdullilah i have gathered a lot of things. Hopefully its alright. I just need to print and scrutinize whatever that i have. I wish the best for my BMS IA.

Dinner was maggie curry cup with yellow pear. Interesting combination it seems. I know that im lacking a lot of things right now but im taking one step at a time. I can do it. Fightin!~~

Snagged Nina's Chemistry jotter. She didn't do anything yet. Arghh... too much procrastination going around!~ I did found some information on the equlibrium constant. Its 4. About the CE... hurm... still thinking about how to do it. *interesting....*

I NEED TO STUDY!~~ *wails... and cries...and throwing tantrum...*

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