Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The plan didn't go well... I didn't stick to it. Mere human I am... lolz.

Anyways no progress with my BMS IA. I changed the company though... i hope its not the same as other. People might not know this company cuz... well.. i hope they don't read the newspaper cuz i didn't and it was like a spur of the moment.

Im wondering how the fish am i suppose to do this. 1500 word is not much. Its a commentary. Logically in my head, there is no right or wrong answer. We are just supposedly to analyse the situation and come up with a conclusion. Like evaluating that so and so company's move.

They say, to error is human but currently, to error is actually flushing my business paper down the toilet. This is a serious matter. I may not be good at it but hell i want to score this.

I feel like another headache is going on.
Allah... help.... *whining...*

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  1. Diana Zainal. u will n i repeat u will take a deep breath n chill for an hour or two. ok? thx a lot for d info on ia btw. really helped. changed my com too. amek nando's. :)

    all da best dear!