Friday, August 21, 2009

Promises are made to be...

I have just spent the whole day in the hospital sleeping. They lost my file. I end up sleeping on the couch and dozing away while waiting for my name to be called. Interestingly my platelet count went up again. This time 256. Significant number i presume.

Anyways... i continued sleeping when i got back home. Seems like i've been hit by the sleeping spell. Slept the whole afternoon and night. Waking up to have a 6.30pm lunch and 12.30am dinner. Talk about hay-wired bio-clock. Life is... empty.

I guess this is just one of my ways to forget that i have homework and stuff's to do. Why am I avoiding all this?

This morning is not so productive either. Not just did i just missed my English Comprehension deadline... but I wandered aimlessly on the net finding nothing interesting that can gain my interest. When did internet get so boring??

Facebooking is overrated.

Ramadhan is here. I wish to become someone better. I hope. May this Ramadhan brings me a lot of good than it before. I have an aim to change.

Peace y'all.

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