Monday, August 10, 2009

Taking one step at time... currently is my mantra at the moment. I don't know how effective it is... but heck its the only way so that i don't increase my blood pressure.

There are loads of assignments to be done. Mainly my BMS IA. Found out that someone else was doing the same company. Alhamdullilah he didn't mind me sharing the company with him. As long as we both don't know what we are both individually doing and not share any information nor cross-referencing. It should be alright. From what i can see, the issue being brought up is totally different. The way we both think as well as what point of view we are analysing is different. So its alright.

That's a relief.

Considering that everyone else has completed or on their way completing the IA. I am still stuck going through the supporting documents I have collected. It does not help that I have a mock interview coming and well the due date is this Friday. Yes... life is that hectic.

I can't seem to get my Chemistry Jotter back from Pn. Salma. How the fish am I suppose to do the CE?? Anyways... one of my friend told me about his blocked EE. Some problem he encountered... I told him that i am feeling very keen and honest about doing my EE. I don't in any way feel disheartened nor sad that i am doing Chemistry. I might be slow and considering I have a lot to catch up and going to catch up as I am traffic across tru and fro to the hospital. I am sure he would do well.

Math is a beautiful subject. The complexity of it leaves you in a dazed state of mind. The most important thing is to understand the concept. Yes... concept is important people!~~

Back to my business IA. I really want to this IA well.... i know i can. I have the feeling its going to be good. Now is just to balance it with my other works. They really need to give guide on multi-tasking... seriously. Period.

I vow to be more diciplined. I think that is the way to put it. Considering with the heightened eating self *its not gluttony people!~* i vow to eat in small portion and drink a lot of plain water. I vow to not kill myself but to cope with things as they are. I vow to become a better person each and everyday. Insyallah....

Oh... Jannah's article!~ Im looking foward to that one. That is due this Thursday. I intend to make her a ohh-la-la hot babe!~ *squeel!~*

And.... finally the mock interview. What can I say. Sink or swim?? Definitely i am going to swim. I should allocate myself sometime to go through the question and find a ground answers for it. I know i can score this.

Peace to the world!~~

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