Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today went amazingly well!~ Me preaching about how we should appreciate life more!~

In the end of the day, its not about who make the grades. Its about who you are in the end of the day and how has that have affected peoples life. It does not matter where i go... it is who i am, is more important than anything. Fuck it all.

I have the most amazing and wonderful friend Allah can give me. Thank you Allah!~

Julia : GURL~ GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR BOOK!~ Im rooting for ya!~ Don't think or worry too much. I have faith in ya. Luv you!~

Miira : Damn ur supportive!~ I love you loads!~

We ate (or actually... was it me only??* so much, i swear my stomach can burst.

List of food eaten
1. Roti Canai
2. Zinger Burger
3. Cheesy Wedges
4. Chocolate Chip Walnut - Secret Recipe
5. Peanut Butter & Butter Waffle
6. Chocolate & Butter Waffle

List of food going to be eaten later
1. Walnut Brownie - Secret Recipe
2. Macaroni Chickaroni - KFC (dun noe if tats the name)

Bought presents for people... really hope they liked it. It was cute!!~

I am in the state of not caring about anything at the moment. Most probably going histerics cuz other people have done their assignment. Im just worried of going about relapse for my ITP.

Julia's mother patients went under relapse and could not be saved. Im too young to die.

My friends and I agreed on one thing. We need plan B in our life.
My plan B is actually becoming a lecturer. At least it is still something that i love. So its okay.

Found a nice quote
"Its better to fail at something you love than succeed at something you hate" - that should apply to my EE but Nauzubillah that i fail my EE.

I want to enjoy life more... life's too short it seems.
: )

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  1. ah, food. the luxuries of life! :p food and sleep, that's all one needs to live a happy life.

    so, you're right. enjoy life! haha :D