Thursday, August 6, 2009

Truthfully.... I am just crapping with my business IA paper. I hope it make sense. Although I am not quite certain, I aim to get half of the full mark. There was a little bit of progress with it. Im in the introduction bit...

However on the other hand... i am so neglecting my Chemistry EE. I can't have too many things in my head in one go. DITZY!~ Oh Chemistry EE.... why art thou so cruel? I know i can do it. I just need to sit on it... but im sitting on my BMS now.... *wails* Help anyone??

Finally i got to drive around... been a while. Dragged my mother, sis and niece to the shop. Got myself new earphones as well as some foolscap paper. Math is being stubborn. I can decipher what it wants. Oh well i'll get it around. The lab... oh God the lab. My lab is going down the sink. How the fish do you do the bloody graph!? *aksfnauidf*

tweedledee... tweedledum....

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