Thursday, August 27, 2009

You know... i need to stop slacking off. Especially when my Newcastle prospectus came in. Reality hits u in the face you know... Its like banging in ur face saying "Diana!~ if u don't clean up ur act ur going nowhere"

I know that... my conscience keeps telling - more like shouting actually - me that.

I need to finish my math ia... you know.. going back to banting this monday... i am going work my ass off. I want to go to Newcastle.. i know will go. I will clean up my act and just do it. I will do all my tutorials and be a good gurl.


Urghh.. im just not trying hard enough it seems.

I will do my best... i will...

Come on Diana!~~ You can do it. Stop running away.!~ Ur platelets are back to normal level... so its okay. STOP BEING PARANOID!~


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