Sunday, September 20, 2009

Einstein Hair-Do

Not related to the title... anyhow, tonight is the first raya night. It supposedly supposed to be joyous isnt it? I seriously swear there is too much drama and sarcasm going on in the family. Well each family have their own backyard right? The only way to do it is just - ignorance - hence the phrase, ignorance is bliss.

In order to acheive something, one must know what they want. I think all the time I was in KMB, i only had a vague idea of what I want. What do I want? I want to pursue a Medical Degree and become the best doctor around and I want to do it oversea, come back and serve the nation. That is my mission.

I have spent 90% of my time worrying about not making it. Its all bullshit. I've wasted a whole piece of my damn time. Now is not the time to be worrying. Its all about eyeing the final prize. The final reward. All its takes is - F-O-C-U-S -

I need to shift my focus on things that can make me acheive my dream. No more petty imagination and worrying. People might believe that I will not make it especially that certain someone and I will prove her wrong. I worked my ass off to get to this level, even landed myself in the hospital and had to go through so much obstacle. I am not going to let myself down.

All I need to just to be focused. Enough of all petty nuisance and crap the world have to offer. Its just between me and Allah. I had enough time mellowing over myself and now I am going to stand up again. The outcome matters, the effort matters and the heart matters. I am going to work hard and be focused. Be focused, that is all it takes.

I think I lost focus when I got to KMB and I don't know why. It was all about being naive wasn't it. Grasp the reality Diana!~ Its knocking ya in the face. Who gives a damn about what everybody say or do. Do what you can and do it up to your maximum capability.

You'll be the greatest person alive. One way or the other. Don't give a bullshit about what other people are doing. Everybody has their special capability and you have yours. Use it to your full advantage and you'll do just fine.

You are so going to get ur damn ass on the bloody plane to Australia and get that damn Medical Degree. Fullstop.


  1. OMGEE dee, u have a blog. why hasn't anyone tell me? and u link me? aw, that's just sweet honey.

    "I think I lost focus when I got to KMB and I don't know why."

    u speak my mind. trust me, u're not alone. i feel as if as kmb has eaten the real me alone. sometimes i feel so trapped and not myself at all at kmb. and i start wishing u guys know the real and nicer me. i love u guys, but i never feel as alone as i am in kmb. honestly. iand right now, malam raye kedua, i feel as depressed as a girl can be and i have no idea why.

    hugs and kisses

  2. Dee. *nods my head feverishly in agreement*

    nuthin more to say. FOCUS eit? dat's d key word here.