Friday, October 30, 2009


1. Hospital Appointments sucks - I got a fairly sad news (including a suggested surgery) and another 4 month to go with the lovely steroids.

2. I look like an alien. Enough said.

3. Why am I stressed staying at home - it shouldn't be isnt it?

4. I want to run away.

5. Something I said quite often (inside my mind) = Perasaan jantung berdegup bila nampak orang yang kita suka, satu perasaan yang bestkan? =

6. I live in denial - the person I like, well... the feelings only bound to stay within the wall of KMB. Its not going to go anywhere pon but... like Aesya said - tak kisah kalau orang tu tak kenal kita or know that we exist. Perasaan suka tu yang lagi penting - if confused, refer to no 5.

7. The workload and family commitment is killing me. I even closed one eye blind just so that I can have my own life. - Outing with Aesya

Conclusion = I have a heavy load on my shoulder... and it hurts.

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