Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am truly... messed up? I don't really how to face life challenges right now because somehow... hurm. Well just because life does not really go the way you want it to be, it does not give you the right to go blame anyone else. I guess this is it. Hypocrisy.

Everyday I am on the prayer mat asking for a better life and yet i am complaining about life off the prayer mat. Can't you see why my life ain't getting better?? Its because i keep complaining!~ I should do something about it. Look at it more positively I suppose.

Exam's is just around the corner. A huge hunch is telling me that... other than having my EE flushed down the toilet, the exam is going to be a tough one. What are my commitments?
I need to get my head straight really.


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