Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nak mengaku benda yang paling penting. Dah lama diri ini tidak merapu and meluahkan rasa dihati. But truth to be told, there was just no time for me crap out rants. Seriously. Life's like that.

Point to note though. Summerization of a crazy life.
1. I eat too much.
2. I love my baju raya
3. I had a crush + out of league = living in a dreamland (hoping in the future the guy i marry would be just like or even better than him, *wink2*
4. Finally grasp the jeez of EE
5. Got lectured by Pn Salma. Bet she thinks im some kind of a dumbass (im not really- i just have a complex brain)
6. A total of 146 pills have been digested to date. Steroids i mean.
7. My body looks like shit. Seriously

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