Thursday, November 26, 2009

I feel stressed and miserable and i hate life right now. So much for being the un-bersyukur one. Damn it all. I hate everything right now. I hate EE, TOK and even the bloody finals. Fish it all!~~~~ I know i just bloody wasted my time doing nothing and today was supposedly be a working day for me. Crap i tell you. Its crap. I want to escape from everything. Fish it all!~~~~~ Although, i did read somewhere that patience is a beauty. I should have more patience. aisufasfnurgb...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Of Anger, Jealousy and Hatred

Maybe... just maybe the latter seems harsh. Unfortunately, to some extent its true. Why such sad and bitter words? To whom or what shall I put the blame on?

I want to flush this out and forget about it... Don't give a **** anymore.

1- I wish YKW would stop hogging my stuff, sometime is okay but too frequent and it just gets
on your nerve.

2. Yes... good to ask for permission but personally again... its too frequent.

3. GET YOUR OWN **** STASH!~~ not that i mind... its just that, its too frequent and a
bloody *** yourself. It is that hard to bring one from home??

4. Stop complaining about your ******** if its that hard, why the fish did you get ******** in the
first place? And then proceed to repeat the same crap again and feel like **** again.

5. I hate when you don't ****** the ***** every *****

6. I am definitely jealous that you have completed your ** *** ***

7. I hate when things which are ment to stay between us don't stay between us.

8. I hate when some ***** sometimes feels a lil selfish.... and then proceed to say that other's
who are not considerete about *** is selfish. - such irony -

9. I hate that i just bloody wasted my time cuz i just can't do it anymore

10. I hate the fact that holidays are non-existant

11. I hate my medication - its killing me inside out (mentally & physically)

Finally, with all that out, i wish to lead a happier life no matter what the ends brings. I live for me. Allah's knows best.

I love my family and im dying to spend time with them.

Monday, November 2, 2009

1. I am irrevocably out of my mind.... - meaning - i want something in which i am very well aware that it will never be.

2. Steroid induced life = trial and pain

3. I understand how tat dude felt... i feel ya man!~

4. A lot of assignments - ?????

5. Std test - they must be out of their minds...

6. IRP group rocks

7. 4 month to go... i wonder whether i can even fit into my clothes by them... ain't doin so good now you know...


*runs around frantically and finally faints due to exhaustion*