Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sincerely, my EE sucks. Too bad. Reality-wise, it still sucks. That certain someone really knows how to suck out all the energy from one person and just crush and pummel them to their death. I can only imagine her evil smirks that sets your heart to stop beating. God, I have enough of this. If it wasnt because of me being afraid of not reaching the endline, i would have walked out of the door and not look behind. I feel like throwing my one EE into the trashbin and no one needs to help me.

I can't believe im saying this but my patience really have its limits. I don't know how long i can stand this. I hurts so bad that i feel like im suffocating. I can't face her anymore. I just can't. I have no more heart to look her in the face and i wish that Sem 4 would fly away really quickly so that i don't have to look at her anymore. Its not normal for me to do this but to save my own dying soul i think its necessary.

It hurt so much. Too much that i think im losing my mind. Oh god. Help me.

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