Friday, March 19, 2010

Time is Running Out

Seems like Esya's prediction is smacked on my face right now. I am in deep trouble aren't I. I have not been the best of the bumble bee lately. Looking for reasons to blame but in the end its always me isn't it.

I understand that I can't cry over passed time. All I know is to redeem it in the coming future.
Its okay

Diana... the misery will end in a month's time. So brace it and have a strong will. You've had your fun... so now is the time to commit suicide. Believe in yourself. You know who you are. You slaved yourself silly in college. Home is a sanctuary for you to find yourself again. Spending time with family is something you can't lose. Not now... not ever. Cherish the moments you had.

Promise to yourself that when you are back in college... there is no time to dilly dally anymore. Just give your all. All your hardwork will be paid off in due time. You know you have sacrificed so much... Believe in Allah... he would give you the best decision and outcome.

Plant in yourself that the end DOES NOT matter. You will give your best. Whether you make it to go oversea or not, leave that in His hand. Wipe those tears off your face. Too much have been lost and now is the time to regain all of it.

College = Pain, sweat, misery, hardwork = sweet glory ending.

I know you are afraid of the consequences, the sadness and the broken hearted but in the long run He knows whats best right? So... leave it at that. Take the sickness you have now an opportunity to rest. Have a good rest and baby... work it off in college.

You did it before... you can do it again.

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