Saturday, April 17, 2010

My friend said to me that i don't know who I am.... She's right. The only person who does is Allah, His Most Gracious and Merciful. I must gain back the spirit and live again. Just pick up the broken pisces although sharp, and be on my way again. In the mean time, just using gam gajah to stick it back up. Altough i only see shattered relfection of myself but at least i can see my smile again. Pieces of them, multipied.

Amazingly... I feel the need to forget the hurtful feelings, its not his fault, it was mine. Why did i run away again...? Oh yeah, I loved our friendship more. I forgot. Knowing what he went through and knowing how he is vaguely, i can say, Dearest Allah, give him who will make him the most happiest, He deserve a good girl.

By the way, i was just chasing clouds right. It time to really hop off and let go of the candy floss. I can't wait to leave... im done getting my heart played by the Devil's trick. Its all hurt and bruised up...

Im a sick gurl and forever will be, those people who understands are just those who took prednisolone.... I just want a good ending for my family and me. Let time pass by and Allah's Mercy change me into a better person. I respect His Decisions and He is the best planner of all.

I have to start working hard tomorrow. Wish me luck eyh. <3

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