Thursday, May 27, 2010

I remembered... ^^

Yesh.. I do realise that I so totally did not record my last moments being in KMB. Well... forgive me, I was just too busy trying to focus on getting out without much hassle.

So what did I remember... other than being a complete jerk to someone, on the other hand... It was pretty memorable.

Okay... so first things first,

1. I remembered going to the surau after the last paper... rolled around crazily while thinking... what am I going to do next.

2. I remembered that I hurriedly going back to the room while thinking painfully... that my roomate was about to embark on a delicious journey to Nilai eating her heart out... I wanted to follow... but hey... mommmy was reluctant to let me go. I know she did gave her permission but hey I know her better.

3. I remembered carrying an apple and a knife, silently praying the Allah would grant me a last visit to the Rabbits hut and Alhamdullilah he did. Those rabbits were adorable.... I wished I knew about the Rabbits earlier... huff.

4. I remembered I was fasting that day... and it rained heavily but I was happy the wind was blowing hard and loved the rain like it showered all the hardship and pain away... but I also remembered that it kept me hostage at the surau and prevented me from going to the DS early. Oh well.. thank God Siti was there... I get to read the fantabulous book. :P *thanks Siti for the burger!~*

5. I remembered my roomate don't get to go to Nilai... but she spent her time at Cikgu's house. I realised that I can be friendly, nice and polite... but its hard to establish a relationship... I don't let people in my circle so easily. Its like an invincible defensive system... but not many know about that. ^^

6. I remembered cleaning my room for 3 days straight... I thought it was endless.

7. I remebered the last usrah with kak Nadia. It was weird. I had to tell a story... and I sucked at it. Wasnt born a storyteller nor a Dai. Im still a newbie :3

8. I remembered the last get-together my classmate had. A night of keropok fresh off the fire, booze( I called the popcorn - booze), and haral (haram/halal) ciggs (you know.. love letter.. :P). We ka-re-0-ked at 11.00 till midnight. *@_@!~*

9. I remembered returning to spend my last night as a KMB-ian with my lovely roomate. Helped her clean the room and finally dozing off.

10. I remembered that I woke up at 4.00am, my eyes stubbornly didn't wanna sleep and I spent all my morning to carry my boxes down. I took a break at 5.00am, and devoured my left-over pizza while staring blankly into space.

11. I remembered clearing my room and performed solat.. and had a tug-o-war game with my roomate. :P

12. I remembered that i had no feeling nor emotion on leaving the place. I know... I can be heartless sometimes. (Most probably because i had squeeze out all my water-works before)

13. I remembered the drama of -HANDPHONE GONE MISSING- ordeal. Yesh... it was embarrassing... but hey.. Allah knows me more. There was a reason behind it, although I might have perceived it wrongly... but He gave me a chance.

14. I remembered the last look at... I shall keep this a secret eyh? :)

And that was it... the last of KMB-life.


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