Monday, May 17, 2010

Kepergian Yang Berteman..

Its not usual for me to write a title... however its special today because just before leaving the room, a quick sneak peek at the next page, Allah gave me words to accompany me. In which i recited once (the maksudlaa.. )

"...bertawakalah kepada Allah. Sungguh Allah mencintai orang yang bertawakal.... Kerana itu, hendaklah kepada Allah saja orang2 mukmin yang bertawakal"

For a newbie like me.. getting things like this makes me more overwhelmed..(is that the right word... hurm..) anyways.. I might not heed his word well. Because when i sat for the paper... i was a little bit dumbstruck, smiling wryly to myself.. 'uhuh.. yeah Allah said this to me this morning..'

So, although a little sad.. but hey. He said His piece. Therefore... I shall let it be

. I can't study immediately after exam. My brain is dead somehow.

Fringe!~~ Where are you???~~ (Awesome TV show. lolz..)

1 comment:

  1. salam ziarah my dear....

    wow..your entries are totally depressing!!!

    hehehe...juz kidding!(^_^)

    nway diz is da time for bloghopping...

    p/s: His words will always be a motivation for us,His fellowers:)