Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday, - After Chemistry Paper.

I handed in the badly written paper with much doubt in my heart. Tear drop came out silent with my arm unconciously wiping them away.

I walk fasteadly to the musollah... i landed on my roomate's lap let the dam broke itself.

I was comforted by my roomate and my classmate.

My teacher called.. my friend's phone that it.

She was thankful... but I was in doubt of my effort.

She left, I still shed my tears.

My roomate consoled me... teardrops still comes out.

I prayed with swolled eyes while tears still sneaking their way out.

Silently praying to Allah to make let go of the grieve.

Finished praying and looking around for my missing brooch - it fell somewhere...

This right hand of mine, sneaking it way and my leg skipping in the musollah looking for a Tafsir. Found a black one.

Flipping its page, I found this.

"Maka berimanlah kamu kepada Allah dan Rasul-nya dan kepada cahaya (Al-Quran) yang telah kami turunkan. "Dan Allah Mahateliti terhadap apa yang kamu kerjakan"

Miraculously... the tears stop. I feel calm again.

P/s : Need an english tafsir badly. ^^

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