Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dragon Doctor - Iryuu

This is so totally not a review... just the way i perceive the story.

Interesting I might say. Once again, Japanese drama has succesfully install a strong work ethics in me. I am really surprised. I mean, from the drama you could actually see the amount of respectfullness towards your senior. Furthermore, the message of -Don't be a doctor because of money and saving human life in no matter what condition is important- I believe most Japanese story have secret message underlying within each of their story. What other way of channelling these messages than through media.

People, don't look to the West, we have our on Eastern moghul to look upon the Koreans and the Japanese. Yeah2, I know they might have once killed our ancestors but look on the bright sight... take the good values.

I am not simply mocking our on Malay culture... but of all the Malay drama i've seen, it will consist of tear, snotties and whatnot. Japanese drama are able to instll some kind of a spirit or 'semangat' we call it. Really... try Iryuu for once. You'll get what I mean.

Oh well... I know that by watching this. I want to become the next Dragon Dr.

Dragon Doctor D.

Anyways... you will only learn hands-on. Don't rely on textbook so much. Live and learn in the moment.

P/S: I seriously really think that we have to change how the Malay thinks and act.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After That Happened...

After that person decided to actualy publicized who likes his blog posts, I no longer feel the liberty of liking his blog due to damn embarassment but then again, who freaking cares. Lol... I just ridicule myself sometimes.

His blog is undoubtfully good. I can't deny that... but then again, I feel a sense of embarrassment. Gosh, someone please knock some sense into my head.

Oh and another thing, you just have to do what you have to do, eventhough blocking that person on the YM because... you just wanna live your life. Yeah.

Anyways... with another damn sarcastic remark about me being a muslimah, I feel like killing my sis... then again, I must learn to adopt the Sallamatusodri. Berlapang dada or in English, being with no grudges.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

To Grow Up...

To grow up is actually a simple physiological process because we don't realise it. We never stop and ponder what each of out cells are doing. They are actually breathing, reproducing and fighting for us just so that we can call what we are doing now, 'living and growing'.

But, what is the meaning of living and growing actually? There is no real answer to this question. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. To forgive and let live, to slow down and just observe, to sit in silence and be thankful, to actually be letting go of things and ready for something new and of course... i just learnt this, to accept your own mistakes and let it be a part of who you are.

More often than not... we just forget. We forget that we have made the same mistake and unknowingly... we repeat it and end up with the same guilt. We're just human. We forget. Human nature sets us like that.

However... we shouldn't really be in despair. I have heard once, 'No one ever loves me...'. If that was really true... that person wouldn't even have the privillage of saying it in the first place. ALLAH loves each and every inch of our body and soul because we are His first of all. Each piece of fragment in our body are there functioning because ALLAH says so. If he doesn't care... he would't let you exist. In context of exist... it means even if you die because of you were miscarried, if does not mean you never existed.

"... and don't kill yourself because Allah is the Most Loving"

Making mistakes is a part of growing up or else life would be too boring. Also... sometimes making mistakes makes you closer to Allah right. Im just saying this because... time has passed by and I know I have many wrong doings towards my mother. I just don't know how to face her. I just get awkward.

Anyway dear friends... never give up. Im saying this as a reminder to myself. Counting days to the results can really pull someone's nerve. Im praying for strength to face it. Be optimistic and pray hard. Is the best thing you can do for now.

On another note... Im getting fat. Help!~

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Still Thinking About This A Lot...

C.H.O.W.A.Y.O..... :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Accumulated Random Thoughts...

Firstly... my teacher read my blog. Im embarrased. *blushes* - "... no one ever want to read my blog ever!~~". Thanks Ms. Shereen, ur so sweet. :)

Anyways.... over the time, I didn't have the drive to write anything actually, for the fact that I was not thinking much... But i guess i have given my brain ample time to accumulate random thoughts. So here we go...

1. Love is like clay. It needs go to undergo so much hardship before it can become a strong vase. Being molded, cut, pulled, twisted and burned in fire but in the end, it became the most amazing art piece created. Isn't love like that? My observation of true marriage is like that. No marriage ever escape the pit-fall of doom but it all depends on how much can you take. Albeit this, of course a vase is fragile. Hence it needs to be handled carefully. Otherwise it will just shatter once it hits the ground.

2. I guess... i need to take some time out. Give time for my body to heal before i can face the society again. Proven true to the words of professional, steroid has finally taken its toll on me. All i can do now is just to endure it. Be patient.

3. When you are in a large crowd, its easy to just drown and disappear but when there's just few, you show too much. my consious wants to stay and my soul wants to fade away but my heart says don't look back again.

4. There are times when I feel as if the Earth would just eat me alive. *Although, i heard it would happen if you greatly disobey your mother...* I have embarressed myself more than I probably should but like E-sya says, no one cares. Eventhough that is the reality, but I can't helped being terribly embarrassed. Esya would say, "D, your paranoid"

5. When people are paranoid, they do terrible things right. Thats why we have wars. Its not power... but what couse Man to look for power. Its paranoia. Clearly explained.

6. People's trueself are the opposite of what they show. Its called insecurity,

7. Your first love should be Allah. People say you would never forget your first love, so even if ur n-love doesn't work, ur first love would be still be there. (Most probably be slaughtered for not footnoting this)

Sad it just ain't happening,
Wish it could be better,
Sorry to be scraping,
But I can't just let ya,
To be less than happy,
I said look at me,
I couldn't live with myself seeing you lackin',
The things you deserve
Baby you was a part,
Must believe that it hurts,
Deeply in this world
I feel the aching through my body,
It just take a bigger part or me
To be lettin' you go
I wish that weren't so

For your sake, I will never look back again.....

= Big Bang : Tell Me Goodbye =

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love Like This...

When you grow up, you would eventually see a pattern of the kind of guys that you like. For me... it was until MCB came along. I realised that there were more to life, i mean, more different guys that existed.

For one, i should not really blamed destiny that I, for the fact that i went to a girl school. In fact, I could actually say it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Although the lesson about guys was not part of the syllabus... i learnt about that in MCB.

I realised that all this while I actually liked the wrong guy. Albeit this they never had my heart cuz hey... it was practically impossible. I would blame on the fact of hormonal imbalance and lack or realisation.

But... I met and found a new meaning to this.

The man to admire is always and of course, our prophet, Nabi Mohammad SAW.

To find an exact replica is by logic = impossible.

However, i learnt that sometimes, by chance or by fate... one could be a shadow of such person. Although not as perfect but a hint. Just enough to give hope and lead other people.

Such person has been an inspiration to me.

Heck, I didn't know his existance until by mistake.

But a glimpse of that gave such an impact... then a knock came and you realised that all you need was just a push.

It was scary to take the first step, but here I am still well and alive.

Turning a new leaf would be the correct idiom to use.

Its a new kind of love. One that I have to yet to completely understand.

Random people just don't seem to appeal anymore... its just bland.

I guess i just have to wait for the correct moment than... a moment that i will be be savouring my entire life.

Until then... my smiles and kindness are only because of Allah. Don't fool yourself. For this gurl have realised.

Until the love like this have come, I shall wait.

P/s : Thank you dear Allah, for making this silly girl realize. :) AND.. thanks to that dude whom i got my inspiration from.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Most probably.. I need to get this out. Or.. Im bored.

The answer to the question would be actually, Im pretty bored and that is the truth. Deal with it.


After the relentless hours counting the time, I actully give up. Im not even supposed to be online because I have no more data usage or more accurately, overused it. Kill me.

Moving on... I have been killing my brains with stupid shows... in which i am not to be blamed. I was trying to fill my time with something. Mind you, I am a girl with protective parents. I am not allowed to go out. On the other hand... another reason why is because, going out = cash and I don't do window shopping.

Why do people do window shopping. Have they no other use of their time or actually too blind to even see that hey, I have no money for this. Honey, take my advise. Save yourself from the painful blunder. However, it might be good to take a stretch around the humongous shoping complex. Good exersize for the legs. Although it might make you suffer in the old age if you use goddamn high-heels. (Ask Amiirah for more information)

Why men create bra and high-heels? Trust me... they weren't created by women. These unmindful creatures (not all okay... im not really a sexist), thought women would be more attractive (its their primal instinct mind you) while covering our brains with hey its for support. Support? Yeah right.

Anyways... enough with all these ramblings.

Im bored. Thats just it. Im bored.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why Do I Care?

Waking up today, I thought everything is going to be fine. Slept late as usual and woke up early to go to Putrajaya.

After the big hassle and what not, *Istana Kehakiman is pretty*, there are series of event that made me ponder a lot.

1. The rude encounter to a Chinese man. I was a bit baffled by the antics... but she was nice to me!~ Then again, he might not have fullfilled the regulations or the forms but seriously... cakapla baik2. Okay je kowt kalau macam tuh but then again everybody have their bad days. So I just shrugged it off.

2. I am definitely a snail driver. I can't even drive to save my own ass.

3. I happen to like turquoise pen okay. To me its still blue. Okay2, lesson learnt. BLACK PEN FOR OFFICIAL GOVERMENT MATTERS!~

4. My dad says : U are prone to get being bullied. He's worried. I know. I am too.

5. I need more self-control. I just lose it. I don't know why. I really don't know what to do anymore... professional help? - Going up, then going down and its a rollercoaster. Promised myself not to do it again but I fail miserably.

6. I am defintely a bad friend. I have no sense of attachment. Yes, we are friends... but alamak, I guess I built a wall that is not easily penetrated. MCB : the ground friend I made I do love them... I remembered me saying: When I really love someone. I don't say it. So all the love2 on facebook is crap? Words are cheap, its the action that matters. Maybe love2 on FB = I care about u. I am still thinking abt it and I still don't have a conclusion.

7. It hurts. I need to learn that I must not wear my emotions on my sleeve. It will just kill me.

8. Why do we often look in places we shouldn't? In the end, the only one scarred is yourself. You give the first ball, if they don't return it. Give your other ball to those who wants it. Easy.

9. STAY UNDERGROUND = Motto for the rest of my entire life. :)