Friday, June 25, 2010

Accumulated Random Thoughts...

Firstly... my teacher read my blog. Im embarrased. *blushes* - "... no one ever want to read my blog ever!~~". Thanks Ms. Shereen, ur so sweet. :)

Anyways.... over the time, I didn't have the drive to write anything actually, for the fact that I was not thinking much... But i guess i have given my brain ample time to accumulate random thoughts. So here we go...

1. Love is like clay. It needs go to undergo so much hardship before it can become a strong vase. Being molded, cut, pulled, twisted and burned in fire but in the end, it became the most amazing art piece created. Isn't love like that? My observation of true marriage is like that. No marriage ever escape the pit-fall of doom but it all depends on how much can you take. Albeit this, of course a vase is fragile. Hence it needs to be handled carefully. Otherwise it will just shatter once it hits the ground.

2. I guess... i need to take some time out. Give time for my body to heal before i can face the society again. Proven true to the words of professional, steroid has finally taken its toll on me. All i can do now is just to endure it. Be patient.

3. When you are in a large crowd, its easy to just drown and disappear but when there's just few, you show too much. my consious wants to stay and my soul wants to fade away but my heart says don't look back again.

4. There are times when I feel as if the Earth would just eat me alive. *Although, i heard it would happen if you greatly disobey your mother...* I have embarressed myself more than I probably should but like E-sya says, no one cares. Eventhough that is the reality, but I can't helped being terribly embarrassed. Esya would say, "D, your paranoid"

5. When people are paranoid, they do terrible things right. Thats why we have wars. Its not power... but what couse Man to look for power. Its paranoia. Clearly explained.

6. People's trueself are the opposite of what they show. Its called insecurity,

7. Your first love should be Allah. People say you would never forget your first love, so even if ur n-love doesn't work, ur first love would be still be there. (Most probably be slaughtered for not footnoting this)

Sad it just ain't happening,
Wish it could be better,
Sorry to be scraping,
But I can't just let ya,
To be less than happy,
I said look at me,
I couldn't live with myself seeing you lackin',
The things you deserve
Baby you was a part,
Must believe that it hurts,
Deeply in this world
I feel the aching through my body,
It just take a bigger part or me
To be lettin' you go
I wish that weren't so

For your sake, I will never look back again.....

= Big Bang : Tell Me Goodbye =

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