Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dragon Doctor - Iryuu

This is so totally not a review... just the way i perceive the story.

Interesting I might say. Once again, Japanese drama has succesfully install a strong work ethics in me. I am really surprised. I mean, from the drama you could actually see the amount of respectfullness towards your senior. Furthermore, the message of -Don't be a doctor because of money and saving human life in no matter what condition is important- I believe most Japanese story have secret message underlying within each of their story. What other way of channelling these messages than through media.

People, don't look to the West, we have our on Eastern moghul to look upon the Koreans and the Japanese. Yeah2, I know they might have once killed our ancestors but look on the bright sight... take the good values.

I am not simply mocking our on Malay culture... but of all the Malay drama i've seen, it will consist of tear, snotties and whatnot. Japanese drama are able to instll some kind of a spirit or 'semangat' we call it. Really... try Iryuu for once. You'll get what I mean.

Oh well... I know that by watching this. I want to become the next Dragon Dr.

Dragon Doctor D.

Anyways... you will only learn hands-on. Don't rely on textbook so much. Live and learn in the moment.

P/S: I seriously really think that we have to change how the Malay thinks and act.


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