Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love Like This...

When you grow up, you would eventually see a pattern of the kind of guys that you like. For me... it was until MCB came along. I realised that there were more to life, i mean, more different guys that existed.

For one, i should not really blamed destiny that I, for the fact that i went to a girl school. In fact, I could actually say it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Although the lesson about guys was not part of the syllabus... i learnt about that in MCB.

I realised that all this while I actually liked the wrong guy. Albeit this they never had my heart cuz hey... it was practically impossible. I would blame on the fact of hormonal imbalance and lack or realisation.

But... I met and found a new meaning to this.

The man to admire is always and of course, our prophet, Nabi Mohammad SAW.

To find an exact replica is by logic = impossible.

However, i learnt that sometimes, by chance or by fate... one could be a shadow of such person. Although not as perfect but a hint. Just enough to give hope and lead other people.

Such person has been an inspiration to me.

Heck, I didn't know his existance until by mistake.

But a glimpse of that gave such an impact... then a knock came and you realised that all you need was just a push.

It was scary to take the first step, but here I am still well and alive.

Turning a new leaf would be the correct idiom to use.

Its a new kind of love. One that I have to yet to completely understand.

Random people just don't seem to appeal anymore... its just bland.

I guess i just have to wait for the correct moment than... a moment that i will be be savouring my entire life.

Until then... my smiles and kindness are only because of Allah. Don't fool yourself. For this gurl have realised.

Until the love like this have come, I shall wait.

P/s : Thank you dear Allah, for making this silly girl realize. :) AND.. thanks to that dude whom i got my inspiration from.

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