Thursday, June 10, 2010

Most probably.. I need to get this out. Or.. Im bored.

The answer to the question would be actually, Im pretty bored and that is the truth. Deal with it.


After the relentless hours counting the time, I actully give up. Im not even supposed to be online because I have no more data usage or more accurately, overused it. Kill me.

Moving on... I have been killing my brains with stupid shows... in which i am not to be blamed. I was trying to fill my time with something. Mind you, I am a girl with protective parents. I am not allowed to go out. On the other hand... another reason why is because, going out = cash and I don't do window shopping.

Why do people do window shopping. Have they no other use of their time or actually too blind to even see that hey, I have no money for this. Honey, take my advise. Save yourself from the painful blunder. However, it might be good to take a stretch around the humongous shoping complex. Good exersize for the legs. Although it might make you suffer in the old age if you use goddamn high-heels. (Ask Amiirah for more information)

Why men create bra and high-heels? Trust me... they weren't created by women. These unmindful creatures (not all okay... im not really a sexist), thought women would be more attractive (its their primal instinct mind you) while covering our brains with hey its for support. Support? Yeah right.

Anyways... enough with all these ramblings.

Im bored. Thats just it. Im bored.

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  1. My dear, dear Diana.. hope ur ok with me reading your blog.. It's so you.. I mean, since I don't see you anymore at school :( reading this makes me imagine how u'd be saying these things out aloud.. Won't say much about ur laments (i read till the chem paper entry) but I do hope your boredom ends and that you'll find something to fill your days. Hey, writing this blog of yours is one way to fill it ;) Ok,.. see ya around and.. I MISS YOU!