Friday, July 2, 2010

Conflicted Much?

Im not really that conflicted... its just that... well, the more you want to avoid it... the more sucked in you are. Isn't it? Birocrasy and Medicine can never be separated, no? I wonder am I just so influenced by the drama's that I have been watching... but then again... there is some sence of truth. Some thoughtless people can be bastards or bitches, its how the world runs.

The only way to beat this type of people is actually to be the top notch of the bunch. Having the courage to stand for what is right and having the integrity to do so. If only we are not influenced by the people around us.

What happens if lets say, money over doing what is right. People can be so fickle with money. Somehow... the printed piece of paper is more valueable that what it really cost.

To be able to not turn down a patient, even though he's a 70 year old junkie and saving his life only to know that he may not lead a longer life... is integrity because, you are a doctor and he is a patient.

I wonder if I am able to stand up to my own words when I made my mind to venture into this career saying that... becoming a doctor has allowed me to create a platform where equal treatment is given to all despite gender, race nor religion or age for that matter. Not to be under the influence of money.

Easier said than done... but I guess that is the challenge.

I was wondering... im not a genius, but I believe I have the heart. Is it enough for me to pull through. The world spins around those who turns it.

I was standing, would there be people standing with me? Am I prepared to be alone knowing that my ideology might be a bit of a realist? - I don't know.

Before I have the right to say so... I must be able to go through Medical School eyh. With the diversity of human available, its a jungle out there.

Only saviour? - A.L.L.A.H.
If it weren't because of Him... I won't be here.

By the way... I was wondering, who wants to grow old with me and talk about farts? Seriously its funny but hey... when you wanna grow old with somebody, it better be someone you can talk about farts with because... only then you would know that you lived you life well because simply, you have no more topics to talk or argue about - well spoken life with partner.

Right ne?

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