Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Allah...

Dear Allah,
I know that even without writing this... you would already know what is going on in my mind and heart. I know I have never been one of you pious servant but please don't fail me now. I know You never have and what you did was all for my best interest.

Dear Allah,
If this is what is the best for me. Help me. Please help me. Knowing who I am and what I have experience. I would like once more and forever be in the presence of your grace. Never let me be out of your sight. Guide me to you.

Dear Allah,
If it is not the best for me. Please let me be in the light of knowing why. Please let me be able to accept the destiny set for me with an open heart. Whatever is your decision... let it make me closer to you.

Dear Allah,
You are the only one who knows who I am... in which i am at times are clueless too but I hope you are looking over me and care for me so that I will be able to see you one day. Even if I don't any right too.

Dear Allah,
Please hear my plea... I need help. Help for everything. Im basically lost. I need you... and I will always need you. Bring me back to you..

Bring me back to you.



  1. d....
    me luv ya....
    so do Him....
    He luvs u more than i do....
    coz He's the one who gave me and the others,
    the feeling to love and care bout you...
    (im livin room e209...ingat betol2)