Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well... after reading the said thing, I feel like a huge grudge has been implanted in me. Me being me, I am definitely competitive. I hate when other people topple me down. Its not a hidden fact. I have a desire to become better than everyone else.

Only if the world is made up that way.

Who am I to question what has be predetermined. I lay below in the abyss just viewing the sun through the clear sea blue water. I need to be thankful with what I have and believe that its the best for me. Let this be a lesson. Though...i still hate?... naah.. dislike would be a more appropriate word.

I'll show him that I can stand next to him and be proud too... only that I still have more knicks and knacks to go through but its alrite, i'll fight him till the end. Sheesh I can't believe that dude.

True, I am still weak and a newbie in my spiritual belief but im getting there. Slowly but surely.

Of course he does not say it... but im not ignorant. Whatlaa tat dude... I feel so offended. *nrikgnakjdh*

Anyways, I should continue with my work and leave it be. I don't feel any grudge anymore. Just a huge burning desire to become a better doctor in my own way. I am me. I don't fight with anyone else, I just fight with me. My biggest enemy is surprisingly me.

With that being said, INTERVIEW HERE I COME!~~~



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