Sunday, July 4, 2010

Realist or Idealist

Between the two, I always get caught in the middle. Save to say... that I was not always in the position to be precise because who can predict the future right?

Anyways... time is definitely ticking and finally we get to know the results. Good or Bad. Its always the two. Why can't you have something in the middle? Like.. Goobad or something. Lolz... What I meant was, is there a grey area?

When people hold on to a side with such a strong hold... it might break and they fall anyways. So moderationn should be the proper term.

IB results is tomorrow isn't it?

Moderation = taking what is being given as it is and make the best of it. Even though it very well is easier said than done but a good hope does not hurt anyone. It only serve as a motivator to some extent.

What is the meaning of becoming a true doctor? = Action speaks louder than words.

To comfort my own pityself, given the responsibilty I am given... as long as I become a doctor it does not matter right. I am doing it with my own capability... so if Allah say its for the best. I must hurry and look for the Hikmah. The reason behind it. Although.. this resonade in my head.

"All the goods come from Allah and the bad, comes from you"

We never can run away from making mistakes can we... and yet, eventhough sometimes we do good things we just have to pay for it.

Truthfully... I want to go to New Zealand. I won't deny that fact. I gave my best shot so I have really nothing to regret. Ever.

The only part that need to be mended, in which i still fail until today is... my inner me. Its in a dire condition and it needs a healer. I innerly sick and currently, there is no one that can heal me.

I need to learn more than what I now/will know to heal myself...

*Slaps myself furiously*
Aaaahh!~ Enough with the self-loathing. I must gather courage and face it. I'm a strong girl. I can do this.


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