Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So Now What...

Well... turns out to be that what I wanted isn't going to happen. Is is not going to be materialised.

I guess thats why you have the saying 'When one door closes, the other door opens up'. I have to admit though, I wasn't born with inteligency but regardless I am not born with deformity. Hence I have to appreciate myself more.

When everything else fails, you only have 2 things. Allah and optimism. I guess I did kinda predicted it. It was straight from the window... crystal clear. At least I don't have anyone to blame including myself because I can stand proudly and say... I did try my best. Its just was not my strip of luck.

Im better off with my family and friends. At least I can go to graduation now.

So now what... well knowing me, most probably I'll be sad but I can't go on and moping around. Its time that I learnt what loosing means. Its now or never.

What has been determine would be the best for me even if I cannot really see it right now. No matter... like I said, Education is the same everywhere. I'll just make the best out of everything. I really have nothing to loose. So, its just a boulder.

Life's like that. Always.

Btw, tidak Allah uji sseorg hamba melainkan kerana mereka mampu... ujian itu mematangkn hidup juga tanda kasih sayangNya...


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  1. nur diana zainal, regardless of what happens in the future, know that i'm here for you. and although i know i suck at talking or conveying emotions or whatever, i'm glad i have a friend like you who understands my awful mood swings and still tries to cheer me up :) i'm sorry kalau sometimes i push people away or roll my eyes at you, but i'm working on it! i promise :)

    i'm gonna miss us menjelajahi bloks at random times (me to blok e and you to blok f) just because one of us is feeling blerghhh that day and then we'd do something random like eat cereal or lie on the floor/bed staring at the ceiling and then we'd go back to our respective rooms and continue our work. hahaha lawak dowh, when you actually think about it. :D

    di, you're like seriously the most hardworking person i know, and i don't know much, but i do know this: everything happens for a reason and maybe God is reserving wonderful things for the future, kan? because i know that you deserve it babe.

    okay i'm gonna stop now because this comment is getting too long and i didn't mean for it to be so random on your blog, but i just thought i'd say something. i'm just gonna stop before i start crying like a little girl. i love you!

    -sarah amira yuzari/sasa/saby/whatever else nicknames yg korang bagi