Saturday, July 24, 2010

While its working..

Funny, when I tilt my laptop... only then the keyboard works. Hurmmm.

Anyways, after putting off so many opportunity to drain my brain off because of the keyboard malfunction... I forget mostly what I had in mind in which i thought it would be mindful to exist in this barren blog of mine.

So updates right. So what did I do exactly again?

I just bought a simple graduation baku kurung that cost RM145. It was really expensive... but hey, I rather spend on that then spending 300 on some other baju kurinng I found.

Im sick. So, how am I suppose to go to JOM? Im spreading the disease. Oh great. Disease spreader.

I saw a lot of handicapped people. I was thinking... where does that put me in the hierachy of life. Certainly it could not be on top of the food chain simply because im born normaly. Remember how people say they don't wannna be normal? Well those who are less fortunate then us are begging to be normal. So be thankful for who you are. Use your capability to make life more wonderful.. not only for yours but other too. A simple smile would make a difference.

I had a dilemma... and in the midst of confusio i blurted this to my mom. "I didn't study in Banting for two years to do a twinning" Yes. Its offensive... I guess Allahs words resonate in my brain.

"The things that you hate might be good for you and the things you love might be bad for you."

So now i am considering the twinning programe. Only that... the internet does not give me much info to prepare me for the interview. :3

So yeah...


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