Friday, August 27, 2010

Walks of Life - An Observation

So okay, I admit that I have not travelled around the world and what I am saying is not valid in the travellers channel, but heck... its my blog.

From this narrow scope vision of mine, looking outward with these very dusty eyeglasses of mine... I see with my two eyes (sounds like the game right?... lol..)

Anyways, I was on my way to breaking fast with my friends and being conjested in a LRT... well there is a lot to observe. For the better part of 25 min ride.

1. I see youngsters who don't give sits to the elderly. (Whats new right?)

2. People who are just absorbed with their own business... how narcisstic have we become?

3. A new visual on Kristian mubaligh (sory, i can't remember wat it was in English)... Well... they look decent with suit and tie. So... any comments about our Muslims ones? However, this is just by looking on one point of view. I always believe that the content is more important. Looks can be deceiving. :)

4. A real live person with dwarf-ism (dunno spelling, sorry). I was intrigued. She talks so confidently with her friend, which is a guy... boyfriend? But still... this really takes me on a thinking journey... that if she can be comfortable with how she is born, than howcome our confidence falter. Is botox and the likes necessary? Yes, I promote healthy lifestyle but not under the knife and the sorts.

5. Being Malaysian, the opportunity to view many society in terms of race is plenty. So, on the train, one corner is in English, another in Tamil and the next Mandarin. Interesting... so, can we really understand each other? Live in the spirit of 1Malaysia. Well... slowly maybe, but I guess the step is to break the ice and well.... the best remedy is always a good smile.

6. Young people being rude. Again... what is new. =_=!~

So yeah, this is as much observation I can get on a train. By the way, if you wanna ask me my observation on the road. Well, get this fact. I get cursed once a day on the road. Believe me.

Furthermore, I see traffic jam is a good place to show affection (eww.. its not wat u think).. I saw a mother hugging her daughter, now tats sweet. But most of the time, people just get this annoyed facial expression.

Yeah2, i get their feelings. Me too sometime... heck, I just blast the radio and bob my head like a bob-doll. (Do not try this... you'll get neck-pain... tried and tested). So, I just go about the normal, keeping a look out to not knock peoples car ot cats on the road.

In conclusion, I think if you take a breather and just look around, you won't be involved in an accident and maybe you would get a chance to rethink about life.

So yeah, that is pretty much it.


- Some quran verses would be good here, some ran through my mind but I can't pin-point where. Anyone who is reading this, please direct me to an English translation verse, tq!~ -

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At A Crossroad.

Even if you found a diamond at a crossroad, keep walking because a car might hit ya.

With the awkward intro, i shall begin this. Exactly why the weird intro? Its because at the moment, I don't actually know where to begin.

Possible reasons why Allah let me get this job.
1. Allah knows me more than I do (of course He does), so he puts me on this job so that I wont do bad stuff during Ramadhan.

2. Allah wants me to see the walks of life who does not really neccesarily follow his way. (I am imagining a huge sign board blinking with warning)

3. Allah wants me to see how a person without patience becomes in the end of the day.

4. Allah's personal reminder to me, as if he is saying "Diana, don't end up like that"

And now, I am out of reason to validate or ponder upon. In fact, I really think that none of the above reason is the real reason. Albeit this, I might have to say that... its better that I am doing this than nothing at all.

To a new point, I am feeling so detached. Somewhere between here and there, I just seemed lost. Is this what coping is all about. My friends and I are at a point where everyone is moving on. New life I might say. Sad? Yeah, i have to admit that. Its an inevitable feeling. But I wish everyone the best of luck.

I was never good at making friends nor keeping them. Im never the one to spill the bean or prying for them. I just exist. Lonely would be a good word for now. I guess it is my fault at some point but hey Im just a human.

Then again, its at these crossroads you would find who to them, you matter the most. Stop chasing those diamond and start looking for charcoal instead. They warm you when its cold, they light for you when its dark and they can give you life.

But most importantly, even when the charcoals are gone, there would still be the One who creates them n He lovez you unconditionally.


Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have to say, that might be my first Malay title. Hurm..

Anyway... it is the perfect title considering the situation I am in. Okay, lets face the truth. I hate my job. I don't even know why I am doing it. Gathering experience? Maybe.... but really I don't likelaaa.. I really don't. Not when my boss curse everyone stupid. I guess that must have included me.

Yeah, considering the situation and her background she is a brilliant person but it does ot give her the license to call other people that. Poor clients i tell you. They are just in a state of not in the know.

It either I don't like her for who she is or we just don't have chemistry. Yeah... this is the part where I say that I have a problem in taking in people into my circle.

Alright. So what. I am her employee for the next couple of month. I will quit by the end of October for the sake of my sanity.

The only comfort I get is to be able to know that maybe, just maybe that my decision to become a doctor is good and the best for me.

Business world fail to give me the satisfaction I need. I just fail at it. I don't understand the business lingo and crap when I get back to the office next Monday I have to put on the fake, creepy smile again. Did I mention I hate my job?

On the other hand when we look at the other side of life, I should just shut up my trap and deal with it. I don't like my job. Especially knowing I am meeting my siblings. Erk...

Anyways.... I can go oversea right? I mean.. really. I really wanna go and I don't wanna be a burden and just because of my sibling, I refuse to not let this chance get away. I worked dam too hard for it. I work so hard for it and I refuse to do anything else.

I worked damn hard for it.

After venting my frustration... yeah, I want to go to university so much to start my medical school. Fuu.. :3


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Just because I like how it sounded but then again, it might be the exact condition Im in.

I will officially say that working life is not interesting. Facade? Well no. Im just whining. That's all. I don't wanna work and drive all over the place. Thats why I am going to become a doctor. At least it can save lives you know. I value satisfaction more than anything. Working like this does not. I feel forced but you have to keep a straight face you know.

Fuu... Im just complaining. :3

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things I Am Bad At... A Confession.

After graduation I realised that... hey, Diana you suck so much that it is at a different level entirely from everyone else.

1. You suck at being you. Truthfully.

2. You suck at running.

3. You suck at putting make up on = vampire. Thats it... no more make up for me.

4. You just suck at making conversation except with yourself. Really... thats why I would like to remain silence unless neccessary.

5. You suck at being taken in pictures because you are so damn not photographic.

6. You suck.

Yes... after the ifinite self-loathing i call for who gives a damn anyway?

Life continues.

P/s: For once I would like to look presentable. :3

Haih.... :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Musings Before Graduation...

Yes. Its finallly here. The big omega graduation of IB students from KMB. After the excrutiating 2 years of abused life to all teenagers... all this sounds exagerating and its true. What could be worse eyh? Well... try asking those who yet to found freedom.

Freedom in all sense. To tell ya the truth I sometimes feel like im trapped too but hey... life's ups and down's gives ya an identity.

I am going to regret saying this but... I miss that person. In a good way. Well wishes I bid. May the journey be a great one. I'll try and work on myself more.

It aches right?