Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have to say, that might be my first Malay title. Hurm..

Anyway... it is the perfect title considering the situation I am in. Okay, lets face the truth. I hate my job. I don't even know why I am doing it. Gathering experience? Maybe.... but really I don't likelaaa.. I really don't. Not when my boss curse everyone stupid. I guess that must have included me.

Yeah, considering the situation and her background she is a brilliant person but it does ot give her the license to call other people that. Poor clients i tell you. They are just in a state of not in the know.

It either I don't like her for who she is or we just don't have chemistry. Yeah... this is the part where I say that I have a problem in taking in people into my circle.

Alright. So what. I am her employee for the next couple of month. I will quit by the end of October for the sake of my sanity.

The only comfort I get is to be able to know that maybe, just maybe that my decision to become a doctor is good and the best for me.

Business world fail to give me the satisfaction I need. I just fail at it. I don't understand the business lingo and crap when I get back to the office next Monday I have to put on the fake, creepy smile again. Did I mention I hate my job?

On the other hand when we look at the other side of life, I should just shut up my trap and deal with it. I don't like my job. Especially knowing I am meeting my siblings. Erk...

Anyways.... I can go oversea right? I mean.. really. I really wanna go and I don't wanna be a burden and just because of my sibling, I refuse to not let this chance get away. I worked dam too hard for it. I work so hard for it and I refuse to do anything else.

I worked damn hard for it.

After venting my frustration... yeah, I want to go to university so much to start my medical school. Fuu.. :3


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  1. takpe di, just think of it as doing a good deed. sabarrrr. i wish i had something substantial to do this Ramadhan, i think this is the first time in a while where we don't fast while schooling. senang sgt nak buat benda2 lagha ughh x(