Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things I Am Bad At... A Confession.

After graduation I realised that... hey, Diana you suck so much that it is at a different level entirely from everyone else.

1. You suck at being you. Truthfully.

2. You suck at running.

3. You suck at putting make up on = vampire. Thats it... no more make up for me.

4. You just suck at making conversation except with yourself. Really... thats why I would like to remain silence unless neccessary.

5. You suck at being taken in pictures because you are so damn not photographic.

6. You suck.

Yes... after the ifinite self-loathing i call for who gives a damn anyway?

Life continues.

P/s: For once I would like to look presentable. :3

Haih.... :)


  1. huhu..u look great masa grad hari tu. :)

  2. hihi...di..let me share with u my self-loathings as well...

    1. i suck at expressing my feelings. heck, bukan feelings je, anything la!

    2. i suck at saying 'i luv u' to the people i luv most, ego they call it. a massive one. (not d same as no.1..more specific)

    3. i suck at being comfortable with myself. gotta learn how to..(tringat pn rosmaria yg sgt2 comfortable wif ehrself as she said bck then in class)

    so there. act, the list goes on and on but then, i dont rily wanna be someone who's unhappy all the time.

    luv ya!