Monday, September 27, 2010

I Need..

I need reassurance.

Currently I really don't know what kind of decision i should make. My gut feelings tell me I should really stay on campus... my dad said also too.

However, if there is no cooking area then I would really be in trouble. At least the uni people are helpfull enough. If there is an area... I would sign in right away.

I just need reassurance or else... I really would have to be on a strict food diet to save money to last me for a year.

Oh god.. please make my decision a wise one. Or else I would really have to suffer.. for a whole year.

Allah will not give you something you cannot face. So take up this challange alright. You should be fine... insyallah.. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

One Step To Each Direction

With no doubt, everybody is on the journey of moving on with their lives. Closing one of their epic chapters in their life. M.C.B. Need I say more?

One step to death.
One step to love.
One step to maturity.
One step to wisdom.

All the four major direction.

Now, now, don't limit your mindset.

It is to us and to everyone else. Death of loved ones. Death of relationship. Death to create something new.

Newborn love, new friendship love, family love (you are bound to get married and have your own family), special love.

Taking another step to shed off the awkward teenage years. Realizing your purpose of existance. Braving to face reality on your own.

You really have to congratulate yourself for having to survive this long with all the turbulence that you have faced till today. Beware though, blizzards may be on their way. But then again, with each, you become more wiser than before

- It was long overdue, that this post does not make sense for the raya ambiance. =_=!~ -