Friday, October 22, 2010

About Presents

When talking about presents... most would think of the fancy stuff with ribbons and lace. Some stars and hearts gift paper wrappings, chocolates and of course, mugs. Not forgetting teddy bears and what not. I mean.. for my age group. At this stage.. if you are rich enough then maybe a Burberry bag is ample enough.

However back to the main point... Actually I would like to share what I would like for presents. I am not hinting anything here.. but after you pass the age of 20.. I would prefer something more practical actually.

I for once.. dreamt of getting a set of blenders and juice extractor as a birthday gift. I think thats practical. Or a bamboo weaved laundry basket. Of course as you can see... the price for each item the out of the question. Its just a thought really.

In a nutshell... I would actually prefer a practical gift then just teddy bear and flowers and mugs. For example, a good book with a personal note and a slit in dry flower would already bring smile. I think that is a good gift.

But the best gift of all is when they come out of sincerity of the giver. Anything handmade actually... but I can't apply that to me.. because my craftsmenship is BAD. So, I choose to be practical.

By the way, just the other day I went out with my friends. Coincidently, she was actually looking for a wedding present. After final deliberation.. she picked out a RM100 photo album. I just told her, "Wan, please don't buy me a photo album for my wedding present". and she replied "No, don't worry I know you like practical gift".

Practical gift are the best. At least you know that, you or them will at least use it for maybe a couple of years rather than being kept in dust and thrown away like junk. Even if its from thier sincere heart.

Please don't get offended. I do appreciate every single gift that comes my way.. I'm just talking about practicality. :)

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