Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In A Coconut Shell

Nope... this is not about having to write the wrong idiom in any circumstances. Lately.... I just have no substance to write. Most of the time I really have to agree with myself (after a tiresome debate), that actually, my post is kinda useless. True isn't it?

Anyways.. I always have considered myself to be living in a coconut shell... because I can never really keep up with the world. Too fast paced. Nobody ever stops and smell the roses anymore. They are just too concern with the unpicked dog poop. Somehow there is some sense of truth in this, isn't it?

Always to have caught up with responsibily and always trying to give your best only to realise that at the end of the day, life is actually too short. Only those lucky ones would realise it... but I guess you would have to clear your mind to even let that line of thought to penetrate your brain processing unit.

Have anyone ever thought that less is actually more. In business or aesthetics its called a minimalist concept. I've came across a dish called 'Minimalist Burger' (Disclaimer : I do not create nor own this particular dish. It respectifully belongs to the expensive restaurant in which I have forgotten the name). Its just a beef patty with 4 squirts of different sauce around it. True to its name, it is minimalist.

However, the cost of such thing would take 1/4 of my salary... in which I refuse to disclose... but you can imagine how expensive it is. But, back to my main point. Less is more. In fact, this statement are true in some ways but totally defies in another point.

Bad points.
1. I do not agree with less clothing on human beings... especially the females. I feel like they have been exploited and used without realising consciously of the outcomes. Although it is a 'right', but in the long run it aint good actually. You'd be prone to skin cancer - with this global warming and all... but I think most would understand why Im saying this.

2. 'Less is more' is not true when you apply to the sickly condition of poverty. We need more. Actually.. i've heard somewhere that the food in this world is actually enough for every human being. You don't believe me? Just go and check your garbage. Im pretty sure there are some rotten leftovers. Think about it.

3. I don't believe that 'less is more' appropriate in terms of our good deeds. There should be more good deeds and less plotting to get richer while killing someone else in the process. Really, I think human in general sometimes have a glitch in their brain and yet they blame only the computers do.


Good Points
1. 'Less is more' is good when you have less lipids on your body. I mean.. hey I am seriously applying this to myself. I acknowledge it and Im dealing with it. So, shoo!~. Anyways, a good health is always the best thing to have. Prevention is better than medication. Poor Mr. Liver I tell you!~ I would strive to live a more healthy lifesytle once I reach Aussie. Really!~ :3

2. Less is more when there would be less deceit and lie and wrath and all the negative things in this world... but most of the time, we don't even realise it when we alias'ed with Mr. Bad2... Truly, with the less of Mr Bad2's influence the world would truly be at a more happy place. But, I guess thats why we have Heaven and Hell.

3. Also, less is more when you can learn to love yourself more and be confident. Yes, maybe we are less beautiful than the other person. Or maybe, we are just a tad less intelligent than that person... but hey, what makes a human a person and not just some bionical machine is the "less part" of you. You are unique. Don't lose yourself... the diamond is in you.

So, by living in this coconut shell of mine. I have to admit that I haven't ventured far yet... or maybe worse didn't even move. =_=!~ but, these are my point of views.

Let it be ne?


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