Saturday, October 2, 2010

Uncommon Life

As opposed to be become the most knowledgable person in Medicine, I have ventured into something which is totally opposite of it. Business.

Yes, I have learnt it before. Application wise? Well, seems that in reality those theory is not really applicable. Its more to you understanding it and implementing it but really, you don't walk into the office and start to talk about motivational theories.

Its a subconcious thing.

In the end... it is actually how you deal with it. If you got a nasty bos, deal with it. Its not getting any better. He is who he is. His better part of life has been that way and no way jose' is that going to change. Not from you at least. If you got a reasonable bos, then please thank Allah and not your lucky stars.

My take on my current working experiences have made me muse about several things. My boss and (ex??)- colleague said that I was too nice and can be taken advantages on. Me being nice? Hahaha... really? I am definitely polite but nice? Hurm... let me take on a rain check.

I don't curse.. so much.

I don't know... I live by the laws of my religion. If people wants to take advantage of me, without me realising it. Allah is always there.

Prayers of those whose being taken advantages of will be granted by Allah. Pretty much, I don't really have to worry. The only thing I have to worry is the quality of my prayers in which I really think is depleting every seconds that passes by. I have to make sure my good deeds are more than my sins.

I call it an addiction. The only thing that can cure it is to keep me occupied, a distraction away from it. In which is quite impossible. That's why I work. The real reason actually... other than to get extra cash of course.

However, talking about cash. I so do not make much... but i guess its enough. It is because... I have to pay for the car, I have to pay for the petrol and other miscellaneous that happens now and then.

So yeah.

There are a few gadgets that I need/want... mostly on the 'want' part actually. :P
1. Twinhead/Fujitsu Laptop.
2. Samsung YP-P3 MP3
3. Nokia (Haven't decided on the model) Handphone.

Why do I not see a camera. Don't know... Maybe I just don't have the money allocated for it. Hahah... I don't seem to want to record my life in photographs. It does not really paint the picture. Many people don't get this but... people's opinion differ. I know to some extent its a memory worth to keep, your experience, the record of your life. Im cool with that - or maybe I am just not photogenic enough. ^^!

Anyways, I shy away from cameras. I am just not fond of them.

Next thing, when you suffered a bad case of body sore... it only means some thing you have worked on is a success. Thing about me is... I can't surround myself with negative people. I am negative myself. So I will repel them. Ughh. That why I prefer to work alone.

In medicine world : Alone = Death sentence. You must learn to work in groups.

Enough of my rants.

Im bored. :P

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