Sunday, December 12, 2010


That's it.. this bad sleeping pattern is starting to take its toll. I mean really. Its bad for your health and its bad for your complexion. Even my behavior is starting to crack.... or was it the coffee?

Anyways, can't wait for classes to start. (I think i am going to regret saying it.. ). Im bored and my brain cell is depleting every second that passes by. Need to exercise my brain (and body). -_-!

Furthermore... whether we realise it or not obligations makes us a more disciplined person. At least thats what it does to me.

On a final note... i just can't believe im 20 already. Really. I would like to think that I am not that old. Its not the aging part that is bothering me... its just that.. where did my youth went to? Life is short.

Seems like yesterday that I asked my mother to make me some milk - I was 3 years old and I remembered that my milk was the blue 'Dutch Lady'.

I wanna be a kid again.



  1. When yr degree classes start, YOU ARE going to regret asking for it! x.x'

    speaking of classes, i should be studying for friday's quiz n stop stalking ur blog. ehhe :D

    -kuantan drug lord- <----suke2 hati je

  2. Miira : Hahah... "Kuantan Drug Lord"? I like the sound of that... it rings in the right way. :)

    Ntahla.. i just like, super duper like it. Hahah.. *dah sewel tgh2 malam ni* :P