Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Visual Board

This note is to remind myself to start making my visual board for the coming years. Making list is not adequate enough anymore.

This will really test - 'Seeing is Believing'

Anyways.. just a random question,
When you type too much, does your spelling abilities affected when you write with your hand?



Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have to admit. I get annoyed very easily. Angry? No, but most of the time annoyed. For all that it matters I would just brush it off my shoulders, keep my shoulder square and move on. I have no patience to dwell on something useless. My precious time and capability is needed somewhere else. I would rather slave on something I know will be fruitful instead.

You reap what you sow.

Only now, I understand the true meaning of 'connection' in context of survival skill. Survival of the fittest. Not long ago I used to believe that if I were to do things in the righteous ways... the road will open up to me and let me pass easily. However, in this situation... 'effort' miraculously has nothing to do with it.

It is who you know, that is important. But of course, Allah is always important... but yeah, difficulties (and annoyance!!) that you meet along the way... will instinctively tell you, you can't live your life without strings or spider webs. You need contacts.

The sentence 'No strings attached' are bound to be incorrect and an insult to all mankind. There is always is.. and always will.

However, these are the things that teach you the real meaning of patience and giving in to the will of Allah. Making you realise that you are not the one who is spinning the wheel of life. All you can do is to simmer down and breathe, positively knowing (and hoping) that tommorow is going to be a better day.

In time of dire need and positively critical... its always good to know that you can find someone reliable. I learnt that in the hard way, that 'contact - who you know or relate too - is very important. I think, we always learn well when things just decide to punch you in the face.

Only now that I know in some places in the world. 'Help' is very costly. I never knew it was... but now, the word 'help' for me gives a whole new definition. I guess, people can never be kind as you are.

True kindness that never ask anything in return are rare to find.

Oh well... there is always karma. I just hope it hit them back in the face.

If you people are wondering... yes, I am annoyed.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I wondered sometimes... to what extent do you reveal yourself. Of course, in this modern world brimming with techno's, gizmo's and other o's yet to unveil itself in the near future... sometimes, 'open' is too over-rated.

Whatever happen to the word 'privacy'?

I know and I acknowledge that most people do keep their life private and keep to themselves... but on a large percent, most people reveal themselves to the world, making their existence known. It feels good to be known.. but, to some extent, peace and quite does make a good company especially in 3/4 of night.


P/s : Bilala.. aku nak tahajud nih.. -_-!