Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I wondered sometimes... to what extent do you reveal yourself. Of course, in this modern world brimming with techno's, gizmo's and other o's yet to unveil itself in the near future... sometimes, 'open' is too over-rated.

Whatever happen to the word 'privacy'?

I know and I acknowledge that most people do keep their life private and keep to themselves... but on a large percent, most people reveal themselves to the world, making their existence known. It feels good to be known.. but, to some extent, peace and quite does make a good company especially in 3/4 of night.


P/s : Bilala.. aku nak tahajud nih.. -_-!

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  1. Go dee go!!!!!

    Hehehe..walaupun malam sangat panjang kat UK skang ni still baloq liat nak qiam..Haish~

    Miss u dear!